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How to fill sbi atm form

How to fill sbi atm form 

This article is write about How to fill sbi atm form Today’s time is becoming digital, so everyone has an option.  That they will find out about their queries from google.  Today’s topic is how to fill sbi atm form, if you have a savings account in sbi bank.  And you haven’t got an ATM yet.  So you need an ATM. today’s atm is very necessary for me. Because we can easily withdraw money from ATMs, and shoping.

How to fill sbi atm form

 you know.  That you have to fill the atm form to get an ATM. every atm form fill methods is same.but in this article. I will tell about sbi atm form. you are reading this how to fill sbi atm form. If you do not know how to fill sbi ATM form.  Then you will ask someone.  how to fill sbi atm form.  If nobody answers your questions.  And you know. how to operate the Internet.  So it will definitely come once in your mind.  That google should search.  how to fill sbi atm form.  You cannot ask any bank employee. because they have not enough time to talk the people. That how to fill sbi atm form.   This is the easiest way.  know about this question. you can search it in google. first of all your search in google search bar this keyword how to fill sbi atm form then press ok button. you will get your answer easily.

How to fill abi atm form

in this article I will tell you. step by step how to fill sbi atm form . you can see below an image . this is a sbi atm form . in this form you can read some instructions.

need some document for sbi atm form 

1- bank passbook
2-photocopy of ID
3-1 passport size photo
4- adhar card

How to fill sbi atm form

step-1 you can see sbi atm form. here need your photo.  you have to paste a passport size photo.

step 2– you can see in image. first of all you will have to write your name in block letter in boxes. you skips one box after one word. for example- rakesh kumar . you fill rakesh then skip one box then fill kumar .

step 3 – you can see here male and female option with box. if you male then check male box. if you are a female then check female box.

step 4- in sbi atm form you can see address with box. you fill up your address in the box.  make sure skip one box every word.

step5– fill your mobile number in given box. if you have two contact no. you can write both.

Step6– if you have an email and fax number . fill up these in sbi atm form

step 7- If you have two account one saving and second current . you need atm card for those. you can check this box according your need. if you have a saving account in sbi bank then check saving box. then write your branch name in th box of Branch.

Step -8 fill up your saving or current bank account in given boxes.

Step 9- In the last you read declaration and complete your sign. above Application signature

Note – Skip these boxes (FOR OFFICE USE ONLY)

Conclusion– in this article you read how to fill sbi atm form. I hope this article will helpful for you. Please share this article with your friends.